Just what is a boxwood comb?


A boxwood comb naturally comes from a boxwood tree.
This tree is the perfect length and possesses the perfect robustness (give and elasticity) for making our combs. Boxwood timber is plentiful in western Japan, particularly the farthest southwest areas. The wood for Yonoya’s combs comes exclusively from Satsuma boxwood trees in Ibusuki, Kagoshima.
Yonoya combs come in a number of shapes and sizes to match your daily requirements and hair type. Our combs are considered essential hair styling accessories for sumo wrestlers, kabuki theater actors and traditional entertainers.
Yonoya combs are crafted with precision and are very gentle on the scalp—there are a number of reasons our combs are also superior for daily use.

With proper regular care, Yonoya combs will last for over 10 years minimum—a tool that can truly last a lifetime. The boxwood gradually wears into a gentle amber hue, a perfect companion for anyone on their own journey into maturity.

In their creation, Yonoya boxwood combs require a painstaking level of care and time that is unfathomable in our modern era. We hope that the quality of our combs encourages you to live your life to the fullest with each daily use.
Boxwood combs offer a value greater than you may expect when reaching for a comb—something that could push you in a new direction, to find a new and greater you.



The Beautification Effects of Boxwood Combs


Minimal static electricity preserves healthy hair

Compared with standard combs or combs treated to reduce static electricity, Yonoya combs transmit very little static electricity, which can cause tangled hair, hair loss and split ends. Yonoya boxwood combs protect your hair from the damage of static electricity.


Natural lustre for your hair

Yonoya boxwood combs are soaked in Camellia oil, which provides your scalp and hair with nutrients and a rich, shining lustre—proof of natural, healthy hair. This also has the side effect of properly straightening your cuticles.
If you’ve had problems with hair damage or dryness in the past, we believe you’ll find your hair restored to a healthy, rich lustre after starting to use a Yonoya boxwood comb.。


Soft on your scalp

Yonoya boxwood combs are made from wood, which may cause users to think they’re hard to the touch, but in fact, every last tooth of a Yonoya comb is hand finished to be soft on your scalp.
Compared to plastic combs or brushes, our combs have a massaging effect on the scalp. This stimulates blood flow and helps to prevent hair loss and hair thinning.

*Results may vary by individual.

Boxwood Comb Care

about-tsuge_care_01 Items necessary:
・Brush for care (a toothbrush is okay)
・Camellia oil (can be purchased separately)
about-tsuge_care_02 (1) Soak a cotton swab or tissue in Camellia oil and brush down the comb.
about-tsuge_care_03 (2) Make sure to thoroughly soak the teeth of the comb.
about-tsuge_care_04 (3) To clean debris from between the teeth, soak your brush in Camellia oil and brush down and away from the comb.
about-tsuge_care_05 (4) The debris will flush out from between the teeth along with Camellia oil; wipe clean with a tissue.

Repeating the steps above once every 3 – 6 months will preserve the life of your comb for many years to come.